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World's smallest library?

I spotted this beauty on my mid-morning walk through Decatur, Georgia.  There were about 20 books inside, including a Clinton biography and Russo's Bridge of Sighs.  I'm not at all in a reading mood lately* so I passed.  Perhaps on tomorrow's walk I'll chuck-in my PhD thesis for those poor fish who might be interested in media policy.

This littlest library is amusing and perhaps a bit of nonsense, but it does not surprise me.  In Decatur, we are surrounded by communal offerings.  There is a church-owned kiddie park a block away loaded with toys that just stay in the park and are shared by parents.  My back deck overlooks the community garden.  Even the local coffee shop is a community gathering space, full of Emory grad students at all times... abusing the free wi-fi.

*My recent pattern is that I don't read much at all when I am physically active with sports.  I read huge amounts, though, when I travel.  We've booked five weeks of travel in southern Poland for July and August, so I'll immediately visit Empik bookstore in Crakow when I arrive.  I try to read anything remotely concerned with central and eastern Europe.  Timothy Garton Ash edited a series of CEE-connected novels and I've enjoyed nearly all of them.


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